Februari 02, 2009

cUti2 maLAya

yeAH..sMinGGu kOt x MEnUliS..beRsYuKur Ke hadRAt iLLaHi sMAlaM ferNAnDo tOrreS teLAh meMecaHkaN sUmpaHAn sErI aPAbILa beLIaU menJArIngKAn 2 GoL paDA mInIt Ke 88 daN 93 taPi mesTi KAt beRita TuLis sMiNiT paS tU..aGAk beRbaLoi PEnaNtIaN aKU paDA maLAm taDi waLAupUn keLeTihaN daRi BErjaLAn2 dUA haRi teRSeBut..mMg sHow MinGGu Ni..aKu naK cIte paSAl arI saBtU taPi gaMba BlUm aMEk LAgi..sO tUggU eH cITe aRi saBtU tU leNkaLi..naMPaKnye aKU daH Ade Hala tUjU aKU taUn nI..aKu naK aBEs raYAu saTu n9 bersaMA reraKAn teRcInta..

okaY fOr tODaYS sTorY i wOuld lIke to teLL aBOut cuTi2 maLAya..i dIdNt nOE a MeaNinG in EngLish..taKKan hOlidaY2 In maLAya..haHA..sO yesTErdaY me wIth oThers 4 Of My frIEnd wHo is sYAbedZ,gOloQue,zaCk aND aI3 weNt tO juscO in sEreMbaN 2..oUr missIOn is tO haVinG fUn wHicH is kaRaOke eVeN tHouGh our VoicE is NOt so gOod bUt we Like To shaRE ouR vOicEs with OursElve..BUt tHe greEnbOx aT jUScO is FuLL becAuse Of cHinesSE nU yeaR..yeaH tHEy sTiLL iN tHeIR Mood..Like wE maLAy haViNg oUr ieDs fOr aBout a MonTh..
LaTEr..wE chanGe oUr mISsIon tO waTCh a moVie..wE dEcIDeD tO waTCh oNgbaK..reaD my RiviEW Of OnGbaK aT mY fRieNDsTer..b4 wE waTcH tHE muVie wE haVE ouR LunCh aT jUScO fOOd CouRT BEcaUSe Of bOycOtTiNg kfC,mCd ANd OtHErS faSt fOODs..tHeRE haPPenEd sOme IncIDeNt whICh maKE mE maD OF PA(peNDaTAng aSinG aKA forEIgNEr) aT maLAysIA..TheY cOme HErE tO wORk bUt dIDnT dO tHEir WorK pROperLy..dEMn aLL tHE PADI(pendaTAng aSiNg dEngaN izIn) aND PATI (peNDataNG asIng taNPa izIn)..u aLL maKE aN oNAr HErE..gO baCk tO uR plaCe..sOme oTher daYS i WouLd teLls A sTorY aBout TheM..i hATe theM sO mUCh..tHey taKE ouR rIgHt aS malAysIAn..bUt..aFteR eATinG mY fRieND aND me Go oUtsIDe The juscO tO taKE sOme GooD aIr, fOR me maYbe a gOOd aIR becaUSe oUr GooD aIR thaT ALLAh gAVE uS wEre POllUted wIth sMOkeS..hEhe..a MinuTe LAter caME a meN wIth a VieTnaM sHiRt asKing a LigHter wItH mY fRieND aND iM asKInG hIm wHEre hE frOm..hE aNSweREd tHAt hE iS fRom jaPAn..hE tOLd us maNy tIme ThaT maLAysIA is A nICe PLaCe..aND becaUSe Of thAT iM verY pRoUd of bEiNg a MAlaysIA..tHe jaPAneSSe iS aBoUt 50 yeaRs oLd aND waS staYEd at maLAysIA fOR 2 yeaRS anD loved TO staYed heRe..he dIDnt dO aNytHinG herE jusT siT aND reLAx aT pD perdaNA..i ThiNk hE iS a RicH peOPle bEcaUSe he caN staY heRe aND do NoThiNg jusT sHopPinG fOr Life WiTh hIS wIfe..he AlsO tOld Me tHaT befORe tHis He IS a daNce teaCher fOr a BAlL daNCe,taNgo aND eLite daNCe..he aLSo prOud oF our naTioNAL caR aND praISe peRodUA aND saID thaT myVi almOSt LiKe toYotA paSSo(padaHAl memAng saME pUn) aND nOW he USiNg vIva..aLtHough he aLSo cOndeMn prOtOn wIrA..he saID tHAt wIra Like laNseR bUt tHe maKing iS nOt saTisFied wIth Him becaUSe tHEre aRe maNy mInOr prObleM wHEn he USed ThaT caR beFOre tHiS..tHErefOR aS eNgiNeer i WouLD Like tOo wOrn oUr maNufacTureR (ProToN) tO maINtaIn ouR qUAliTy oF caR fOr eXpOrT aNd LOcaL usE becaUSe nOt oNlY malAysIAn usE ouR pRodUcT in MAlaysIA..qUAlitY is iMpoRtaNt..aFTer fInisHinG hiS cIggaRaTe he maKE a Move..aND wE aLSo maKE a Move To waTCh tHe mOviE..wHo saID maLAysIa is Not a BeTTer plAce, eVeN jaPAnesSE resPEcT oUr coUntRy..sO bUy malAysIAn ProDucT aND cUTi2Lah iN maLAya..

dAh BejaYA pUn aKU meNulIs daLAM baHASa OmpUtIh..nI cItO beLAkaNg taBir LA yO..sMAlaM gaK deN jUmPo aIDiL zaFuaN nGAN bInI teRcIntO rIta RudaNi..taPi sLAcK eH dIOwG mCm sOgaN2 pLAk naK beRsOSiAl..daHla MinuM keK kODaI cInO aLAn kOpitIaM Kot namO eH..bUKan x BuleH taPi kO nYorOk2 maCAm x sYoKla oRg TgK..dEn nGAn membe dEN naK poIE aMEk GAmba besaMo Pun sOgaN..sI aIldIL tU maCAm peraSAn deN usHA2 BeliaW Pun daH x ToNtU haLO...sO b pROfesSionaL lA..nI buKAnnYo hOliwOd ekAU naK sorOk2 daRi paPAraZI..peaCe sMoga perKAhwInaN kORaNG saMPaI ke AkhIr haYAt..zaQuaN aDha puN maKIn macHo nGAn aCCOrD dIE..sTyLe la Nce 87 meLuncUr dI jaLAnaN..

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